MF will launch a suite of products designed to offer users yield-bearing opportunities for ERC-20 native tokens and stablecoins. Operationally, we are working with top service providers to create an institutional grade infrastructure to ensure users’ assets are safe and secure.

The early MANTRA Vault products will include:

  • PoS Staking : The PoS single-asset staking product enables users to generate yield by holding and locking a single Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency in a staking contract. Initially, MANTRA Vault will only support a select number of ERC-20 tokens. In exchange for participating in the PoS network's validation process, users receive rewards in the form of additional units of the staked asset, which can be withdrawn at the end of the staking period. The number of tokens supported will be expanded as we move from the initial phase to the full product offering.

  • Multi-Asset PoS Investment Product: Our multi-asset PoS investment product will enable users to generate yield on multiple cryptocurrencies all within a single pool of USDC. Unlike single asset staking, multi-asset staking will allow users to stake USDC to gain exposure to a diversified investment pool of PoS asset, and generate yield within that single pool, rather than limiting them to staking just one type of asset. For example, the platform may offer a pool which includes a selection of five of the top performing PoS tokens.

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